Sunday, March 2, 2008


Children in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine have been suffering from the effect of the radiation released in April 1986. The Rechitsa orphanage in Belarus has been caring for the huge population of sick children,

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Life In Another Town said...

Hello Sonia.

I was really surprised to see this photo on your blog.

You might like to know this childs' name is Sveta.

Sveta came to the UK in April this year, as part of a recuperative care visit arranged by Medicine-Chernobyl (Belarus Special Aid group) from Rechitsa along with 11 other children. My wife and I spent a good deal of time with Sveta and the other kids during their three week stay at a Guides Camp in the North west of England.

During the stay, we knew her as a bright and happy child. All the kids were wonderful and seemed to really enjoy their visit.

On the "family days" my wife (Heather) and I took Sveta and her friend, also called Sveta :-) out to a petting zoo, the beach in Southport, Blackpool (very windy and it rained. so they had tea and cake in a coffee house. While at our home they also enjoyed playing with our cat and had immense fun making their first phonecalls to each other.

Heather and I are always upset, when the children who visit each year go home.

In addition to a new group who will visit in Spring 2010, Heather and I aim (we had our first planning meeting earlier tonight as it happens) to go on a return visit to the Rechitsa School early in the new year in time for the Orthodox Christmas.

When I saw the photo on your blog, I was doing a google search for Rechitsa. I've commented because I thought you might be heartened to know that behind the nameless image of a disfigured child is, in this instance, a great kid, with a strong personality, who God willing will continue to prosper as she gets older.

I took a number of photos of the kids from Rechitsa, including some great ones of the Svetas.

Sveta smiling

Heather and the Svetas